In my project, I use an online 3d modeling program called Tinkercad to design my overall phone cage and the lock. This step was done over and over again in order to get the perfect size and thickness of the cage.

3D printer

The overall phone cage and the sliding lock are all created by the 3D printer.


I created the app by Thukable. In the app, the user can set the amount of time the phone is in the cage by using the slide bar. When the user click on the " Lock" button, the timer will start and there is no way to stop the timer. The cage will only open until the timer goes to zero.

Firebase console

We connect and save data to the firebase realtime database. The firebase is linked to the thinkable, checking the timer, timestamp, unlock time, and if the phonecage is lock or not.

Raspberry pi

I used raspberry pi zero for my project. It is used to control the micro servos and the length of the pulse.The micro servos arm will turn at at an angle to control the slide lock on the cage.